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How it works?

Look at step by step process to get your custom orthotics


Complete free assessment

To order your SOLE-X impression kit and orthotics, complete our quick and easy free assessment. Our free assessment will determine what custom orthotic will be best suited to you.


Receive your Impression Kit

Scan the QR code and follow the instructions. You will receive a Return Label to attach to a spare SOLE-X satchel, ready to send your impression kit back.


Which SOLE-X is for you?

Our free assessment goes through a series of questions to understand your activities, footwear, weight and where you may have pain. This allows us to customized your orthotics to you.


Return your impression kit

A return label will be generated for you ready to return the impression kit.


3D scan and Orthotic Prescription

Once we receive your impression kit, our team of Podiatrists will take a 3D scan of your foot impression. We then use your information from the Free Assessment to a write an orthotic prescription. We send both the 3D scan and your Orthotic prescription to your lab, ready for the orthotic build.


Enjoy the comfort of SOLE-X

Receive your SOLE-X custom orthotics within 10 business days. As our orthotics are custom-built based on your specific profile and needs, no two pairs will look alike. They are yours and yours only.

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Order Impression Kit

Order now and receive your Impression Kit in 3-5 business days


Order Impression Kit & Custom Orthotics

Complete Free Assessment for Impression Kit and Custom Orthotics.
(Free Impression Kit included)

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Your score is quite high on our pain scale. In addition to our orthotic, we suggest you seek medical advice