Two Podiatrists with one Passion

Our online podiatry concept allows us to provide the same quality, custom-made orthotics without the appointments and without the fuss. We wanted to bridge the gap between everyone who needs custom orthotics and those who can actually access them.

Why Sole-X?

We are the first Aussie custom orthotics online that is Podiatrist approved.

We personalise your orthotics to your unique foot/arch shape, weight, footwear and activities.

Save time on attending appointments.

Order anywhere in Australia

Why Sole-X?

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SOLE-X was initiated by two Sports Podiatrists who wanted to revolutionize the orthotic industry by allowing every Australian to experience the lifestyle benefits of custom orthotics, but for an affordable price and from the ease of your home or office.

At SOLE-X, we understand that there are people that only need a basic insole for their feet and other complex cases who need to see a professional for advice, but a large population just need a quality custom orthotic option to improve their alignment. This is where SOLE-X is the perfect option. Deep down, we just want to be able to provide a quality orthotic option for every Australian who needs it and improve their lifestyle!


With over 20 years of experience in Australian podiatry, Matthew and Jake have spent a lot of time improving people’s lives through podiatry — specifically by prescribing orthotics. This time has allowed them to fine tune which orthotics are best for certain foot types and conditions. But more importantly, which orthotic is right for you.

Both Jake and Matthew work as Sports Podiatrists each day. They treat hundreds of patients each month and collectively have prescribed thousands of pairs in total. They have a great grasp on all the orthotic types, materials and, more importantly, how they work. There is a high chance that if you currently wear orthotics, our Podiatrists have seen it before!

They have both devoted their careers to the niche of foot orthotics and are motivated to continually improve the industry. SOLE-X is the culmination of many years of hard work, research, developing, and finalising what we feel is the highest quality and most accessible option on the market.

Unique range of products

We created a unique range of top-quality custom orthotics. Each orthotic is specifically suit to your activities, footwear, weight and foot type. Our Free Assessment will help determine the best fit for you.

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